Nextra Passport- An Adaptive Energy Solution

Creating a decentralized platform through widespread digitalization and data sharing is fundamental in providing adaptive management solutions.

Nextra Passport

Hardware :

  • Hybrid Power Storage controlled by a software

Software :

  • Battery Passport

Modular System Architecture

  • Can be adapted to Any Types of Supercapacitors and Batteries
  • Adjust the Best Combo for the Correct Applications

NEXTRA Passport System

Nextra Passport leverages adaptive engineering and the whole systems approach. It is a hybrid system between software that records and stores data on a blockchain-based cloud and a hardware

Supercapacitor/Battery power storage device. The Passport closes the materials loop and reduces waste, promoting the renewability and reusability of materials.

Repurposing the current Supercapacitor/Battery technology increases the usage of sustainable Supercapacitors/Batteries.

In Addition, the Nextra passport helps reshape the current battery portfolio by promoting the usage and production of diverse Supercapacitors/Batteries other than lithium-based batteries. 

The passport helps advance the innovations of power-storage systems through its ability to record and store processes from hardware components. Innovators and manufacturers in this field better understand what is needed and how to create smart technologies in the energy sector.

Similarly, Supercapacitor and Battery company stakeholders can collaborate to bring out-of-box solutions for the energy sector.