Our rechargeable battery system customized for eVTOL application

Our primary product- is a rechargeable battery system capable of providing high energy and low power density customized for eVTOL application. The battery is ingeniously and meticulously developed by Nextra Aerospace Inc. . 


What it is and How it works 

  • It will be a battery module containing a Thermal Monitoring System and Sensors specialized for eVTOL application. 


Since eVTOL Aircrafts require high power for take off, climbing, descent and landing, our batteries  generate high power during these phases to accommodate the aircrafts’ requirements. As a result, it increases the payload and its ranges.


Powering the eVTOL industry and Creating a Sustainable Aviation world :

EVTOL manufacturers are applying the EV lithium-ion batteries to their product. However, those batteries are not designed for aeronautical applications. At Nextra we are developing an aeronautical oriented power source, which increases the overall safety, range, and power of the EVTOL aircraft. These power systems will shape the future of the air mobility industry, innovate and execute the sustainable aviation world.