The Revolutionary EVTOL Power Source


The current Lithium-ion Battery has two major issues.


The two commanding factors of how batteries react is voltage and temperature. With that said, the external environment also plays a crucial role, as it controls voltage, temperature and electrochemical reactions which result in the internal disturbances of the batteries. Most accidents are accompanied by continuous heat and gas generation causing battery rupture and ignition of the combustible materials

Limited capacity and cycle life

The cycle life of batteries is the number of charge and discharge cycles that a battery can complete before losing performance. The cycle life of Li-ion batteries is affected significantly by the depth of discharge. The depth of discharge is the amount of a battery’s storage capacity that is utilized. 

Solution: Nextra 1

Nextra 1

– is a hybrid of Battery- Supercapacitor Power Source that is controlled by our unique power management system.

EVTOL Application

Supercapacitors disperse sudden bursts of energy while the battery provides range and recharges the supercapacitors between power surges.  In the eVTOL, the aircraft requires high power output in the takeoff, climbing, descent and landing phases. Nextra 1 is ideal for this operation. The supercapacitor dispenses power for acceleration. The time of those phrases is less than 3% of the entire operation. Nextra 1 maximizes the advantage of Supercapacitor which produces high power in a short period of time, and boosts the advantage of high-energy density, while the battery produces power continuously for the cruising phase.

Nextra 1